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Setpiece Kos

Table of contents

Part 1: Introduction
Global introduction to the concept of ko.
Part 2: Blocking with implied ko
Theme 1: Attach-block finish and follow-up.
Part 3: Bulge Kos
Theme 2: Setting up bulge kos.
Part 4: Ponnuki Connections
Theme 3: 3-3 invasion, double hane variation.
Part 5: Apex Kos
Theme 4: Invading 4-4 point knight's move enclosure.
Part 6: Introduction to Ko Accountancy
Various theory and techniques to calculate the value of a ko fight.
Part 7: Secret weapons
Some of the common ways to start a ko that may remain hidden from an unwary opponent.
Part 8: A Basic Ko Theory
The distinction between understanding how to fight a ko, and how ko fits into the overall structure and strategy of go.
Part 9: Climate Change and Alternate Ways
By discussing a single game this article complements a number of the comments made in the previous and theoretical article.
Part 10: Sente, Gote and Temperature
We all know the concepts sente and gote, but up to a few years ago only a few heard of temperature. This article will shed a light on these concepts again.